Cry baby and keep crying 
Guilt is such a fun button to push 
Get things moving 
A elevated view 
From mummys left shoulder 
Your new role as director 
Ears make good reins 
But earings are better 
Ouch from your ride 
Make her feel your distain for bad decisions made 
Enough of this boring conversation 
We have adventures to get underway 
Dont you see the magic 
Are you not curious 
Promises packaged all around us 
Calling mummy mummy 
On with our voyage 



Twined in of herself 
But not with another 
They say it is instrinsic 
of her nature 
But how without giving 
birth to another? 
Warmth may come from within 
But where are her kin? 
Her roots spread 
yet further and further 
without finding her other 
A solitary timber 
Sign and a wonder
Happy in silence 
Solitude her master 



Waterboard the stranger 
Till the bubbles protest his innocence 
Hell say anything 
Whatever we tell him 
Sign on the line or its back for a swim 
We missed out on first prize 
You we will fabricate into him



I love the autumn flavors 
A harvest beneath my feet 
Time to store up grain 
Batten the hatches 
Winters coming in 
The heat of summer crass 
Winter is chilvary 
Social ettiquette 
Some structure at last 
Time to put up some constraint 
The season of boundries 
Everyone has law 
Cold enforcing 
Writers block is a blessing 
Winter is to summer 
Let it all freeze over 
Crush the heat and harvests bugs 
Let the soil go fallow 
Replenish in darkness


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​I remember you
When you were five hands tall
I cradled you in my boughs
You slept in my arms
I watched you grow and listened to your tears
When you escaped the rage
You climbed into my arms
Camouflaged in my embrace
I calmed you with the song upon my limbs
Now you have grown
Come say hello my child
The memories come flooding back
Where is your song
Where is your offspring 
My arms lie forlorn
Bring me your generation
The fruit of her womb
Where are my children
Laughter and song


Borrow some time and pay it back later 
We could use some fallow ground 
Among all this clutter 
Plain is better than busy 
Tidy than dirty 
Clear the decks 
Clean lines compliment rather than gather 
Out in the background but never intrusive 
Ever present 
Barely above whisper 
Ripple upon still water 
Something to savor 



They cling to the Rock
The warmth of their life
Scorned from without
Desperate within
The world in which they spin
Pays them no heed
Like some forgotten thing
Scorned from without
Desperate within
Seeking from another
To bid them come in
But this world continues to spin
Disdained from without
But cherished within